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The Broth Lady's Bolognese

Some would say I'm bordering on obsessed, possibly bossy when it comes to my food choices and feeding my family - I call it committed! Committed to leading a healthier, happier life and helping my kids make good food choices now and in the future. I want my kids to eat as much unprocessed food as humanly possible and this is how we give it our best shot!

I've found that after creating Love & Bones Broth every inch of available time has been sucked up by simply making Bone Broth and supplying it to the masses and what I want to do the most, apart from supplying the children at The Children's Hospital with 'real chicken soup' and Love & Broth Icypoles was to write my first cook book. Week after week, excuse after excuse, still nothing.This week I've decided it's time to pull my finger out and begin sharing with each and everyone of my devoted L&BB fans a special recipe from yours truly using you Love & Bones Broth! Hopefully this will give idea…

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